Brand Elite is a fully integrated, international product manufacturer who supply world-class, bespoke luxury marketing products for brands.
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What We Do


We at Brand Elite (UK) are a fully integrated international branding company that supplies world-class bespoke luxury marketing products for brands. More importantly, we operate as a bridge, uniting the many, often overlooked, integral parts of the idea-to-delivery process specific to specialty branded products.

The new and innovative idea of a transparent company that bridges the trading and communications between the Manufacturing power house of China into Europe.

The key factors that make Brand Elite (UK) stands alone as the open window to our factory Brand Elite (China – Xiamen), being able to see, visit and have a feel good factor of comfort and honesty of where and how the clients’ products are being produced.


The journey from idea to delivery is never straightforward. A missing link in the supply chain can cause severe delays in delivery of the product or can even cause an operation to topple.

Our relationship and Partnership with our factory is so strong that we ensure this doesn’t happen, foresee even the tiniest glitches, and take the stress out of the sourcing and production process for you.

Quality control process are enforced and followed, and Social accountability that follows along the supply chain from Factory to final clients’ destination.

Brand Elite - What We Do - The journey is never straightforward
Brand Elite - What We Do - Product that tell your brand story


Our passion is to create an authentic, impeccably designed product that tells your brand’s story. Yet ironically, the most interesting thing we’ve learned from 30 years of experience in advertising, design, print, packaging and bespoke production is that it’s not just about the finished product.

Through providing luxury packaging, global sourcing and branding solutions for blue-chip companies around the world, we realised that our real strength lies in providing a bespoke, comprehensive service: from consultation, to prototype, source and supply.

After inspiring you to imagine the special branding opportunities for your company, we link your concept with dedicated factories possessing specialist product knowledge, we take care of quality control to the highest standards, manage production, logistics, customs, as well as regional and international deliveries.


We love every aspect of branding: design, sampling, production, delivery – even ironing out the problems that inevitably come up. We understand that each asset, be it distinctive packaging or a take-away gift, becomes a touch point of your brand. We’ve created a wide range of bespoke products for brands – from luxurious, limited-edition velvet-lined nappa leather boxes for fine whiskeys and immaculate branded money boxes for major investment banks, to high-fashion cosmetic bags for prominent beauty houses. Our packaging is so unique, that it becomes a keepsake in itself.

We love to help brands create the kind of on-brand merchandise that differentiates them in a crowded marketplace and delivers a consistent and authentic message to their audience. Taking an idea, and delivering that idea to the finished product with unparalleled finesse, is how we do that.

Brand Elite - What We Do - Our packaging is a keepsake in itself

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